Terraform founder and owner, Chris Anna, has always been inspired by the makers and doers of the world. Though he majored in photography at New York City’s School of Visual Arts, he discovered his passion in working with his hands. Chris put himself through school building furniture, props, and sets, and he finds a great feeling of satisfaction creating tangible objects in an increasingly intangible world.

In 1999, Chris founded his interior design and renovation business, C&A Custom Builders. After almost a decade and a half of executing extensive interior renovations in Manhattan, C&A was asked to build a terrace on the upper east side of the city. Working outdoors proved an exciting new challenge. Having worked with some of the biggest landscape design firms in New York City for years, Chris recognized there was a niche market demand for such services, and so Terraform came into being.

Chris Anna is known for his tenacity and drive as well as for the creativity, passion, and attention to detail he brings to projects large or small. Clients frequently reach out to him for design solutions and creative problem solving. Chris draws inspiration from the simple beauty of the materials he works with – raw woods, metals, stone, and water – to create organic elements contrasted against their urban, inorganic settings. Chris is invigorated by music, and his design sense is influenced by Scandinavian design, the mid-century modern aesthetic, and the rustic/modern movement. Chris uses his energy and sharp eye for design to build unique environments made to bring joy and inspiration.